About Me

My name is Jenny and welcome to my little blog. I started blogging because I wanted to document my adventure in motherhood. At the beginning of writing this blog, I have a daughter who is 18 months old, and my husband and I are talking about planning a second. In the midst of this point in our lives, both in a standing and a transitioning position, I thought, what a wonderful way to document it. I’m very passionate about a few things, and so I hope you find my blog helpful, informative, and supportive. If you have any questions, I’m happy to hear from you!

I am married to an awesome husband and we made this baby who is now a toddler. We live just outside of Charleston, SC, and have been here for a few years after relocating from the northeast. I work from home doing a couple of things to earn money, and I have learned that, especially on days that I don’t have income-generating work to do, that the work is simply never ending. Mothering just doesn’t stop. We are always at work. But I happen to be lucky enough to generate a few dollars and pay a couple bills, and stay at home with the kiddo. I have a professional background in corporate payroll and tax, office management and administration, event planning, and sales. Lately, since entering motherhood, my focuses have changed quite a bit. Pre-offspring, I was an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, holding classes each Saturday, as well as trying my hand as a Realtor. Loved the guns. Not so much the property sales. When we moved to South Carolina a few years ago, I found out I was pregnant like four days later. Gun instruction and pregnancy don’t mix, so I had to put that on the back burner for a while. I’m very passionate about women and safety, so I will look forward to getting back into it after the next baby. Anyway, after going through a semi-difficult pregnancy, and yet relatively easy and smooth delivery, I found myself being drawn to trying to stay home to raise my children. Not something I had necessarily thought I would do, but nevertheless, certainly fell into it. After going through our finances, I was able to generate enough working from home that working outside the home actually would have us lose money each month. Now, after 18 months of mothering, I have become very passionate about raising a thoughtful, productive, kind, and responsible human up in the world. My journey has included tons of research on doing things this or that way, whether or not I would vaccinate (this isn’t that kind of blog, don’t worry), breastfeeding, my so-called philosophy on my approach to how I’m going to get this job done. Some days, I feel like Supa-Mom. Other days, I feel like Epic Fail-Mom. And I have my in-betweens. And I have no answers. But I have some funny stories and am learning some things along the way. Including, but not limited to trusting my instincts.