It’s been a hot minute since I posted last. I have been so caught up in things and when I have the time to write, I don’t. Actually, I have taken up another hobby and will talk about that later.   Tomorrow, my baby has surgery. Sigh. I’m being slightly dramatic, but only slightly. She’s … More Surgery

Down Time

This is something I rarely get. But as it is, I happen to have some now. My baby is sleeping and I have no work from which I am procrastinating. My hubs hasn’t quite returned home from work, and the baby will be up soon – too soon for me to enjoy a nap. I … More Down Time

First Post

To prove that it’s never ending, I am attempting to prepare lunch, watch the toddler, and type this, while figuring out how to set up this blog. I will stop for a minute, prevent the baby from ripping pages out of the book, run to the stove and stir the pasta, come back, read what … More First Post