It’s been a hot minute since I posted last. I have been so caught up in things and when I have the time to write, I don’t. Actually, I have taken up another hobby and will talk about that later.


Tomorrow, my baby has surgery. Sigh. I’m being slightly dramatic, but only slightly. She’s two, so she’s technically not a baby, but she’s my baby, you know. Also, it’s for her tonsils, which is about as noninvasive of a surgery as they come. There’s barely any blood, and they don’t even really cut the tonsil – they sort of freeze it off, in a way. The opposite of cauterizing it off. Anyway, she will be under general anesthesia for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and then that’s it.


I’m not even really nervous about the surgery part. It’s the going under part. Not that we have any history of any issues in either side of our family. But still. I have to hold her with the mask on and she will go out. Fall out in my arms. That’s going to be a freak show. My husband said he can’t be there for that – he can’t watch it. Men are supposed to be the strong ones. I will go in with her, alone. She will be put asleep for a short while, and then they will wheel her out to me for her to wake up with me.


Thank god she is still breastfeeding, and this will go slightly smoother than if it weren’t an option. It’s not for anything but I’m not bothered by nursing and too lazy maybe to push weaning. I’m fine with self led weaning. She’s not interested in not having regular nursings, so you know, we are still keeping up. It helps with her tantrums and going to sleep, as well as conflicts with other kids and things that scare her. I asked the pediatric ENT about it during our pre-surgery visit, and she said, “Oh really? Oh, thank god you’re still breastfeeding. That will go so much easier for her.” That made me feel pretty awesome and not so lazy. HA!


Right on time, one of the clips on my Ergo baby carrier broke. My carrier is two years old and has been more than good to me while I have used it to deal with new motherhood. Thank God for that carrier. It’s just timing, you know. I’m going to be able to borrow a carrier from a friend, so that’s helpful, but you know, I’m crossing my fingers that’s it on the list of things that are going to trip me up.


We have to be there at 6:15am for an 8:15am operation. And I sit. And I wait. And wait. Trying not to let the anxiety creep in. They do these surgeries every day, and these are pediatric specialists. I just hate anticipation. I just want it to be over and be in recovery, already. I’m sure I share that with every mom who has gone before me.


They also told me she would take about a week or so to recover and feel better. She will have to have a pretty soft and liquid-ey diet. Going to be learning about smoothies with green supplements this week. Can’t live on froze high fructose corn syrup and red dye number 40 all week. So coconut water and berry Popsicle, coming right up! (speaking of berries, we go NEXT week to get her tested for a STRAWBERRY allergy, as she broke out into hives several times after eating them last week. Lord have mercy.) So you know, I’m kind of looking forward to a week of cuddles and smoothies and stuff, and hopefully she won’t be too crabby. She will be congested some and likely be snoring for a little while, but it’ll subside as the swelling goes down.


Let’s just get through the next 24. Sigh.

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