On Sunday, I attended my post partum support group, it was just me and the lady who hosts who had also become my good friend. While chatting, I had a slight itch on my breast and upon scratching it, felt a large lump in my breast milk duct and was surprised I was engorged. it … More Mastitis

Outgrowing People

When I think about my evolving life over the past year, I feel grateful to have gained some ability to step back from my emotional vantage point in certain things, and take a more outsider view. When I find myself questioning why I’m going through something, I’m trying to examine the actual, logical why, and … More Outgrowing People

Life and Death

As much as I expected to be able to blog more frequently, life happens and throws my plans into a tumbler. As such, we made a sudden decision to come see my father in law after receiving news that the cancer he was battling had spread. Not just spread, but rapidly. Within a two week … More Life and Death

PTSD sucks

More over yesterday’s post… this isn’t even what I wanted to talk about. I promise that the majority of us living with mental illness wish we weren’t. It would be awesome to roll with life’s punches and make lemonade from lemons. I’m stuck in a world where the unknown is terrifying. Authority figures power trip … More PTSD sucks

Our Talk is Cheap

I’ve been thinking a lot about our discourse in our country and how we choose to relate to each other. Admittedly, I spend more time on social media than normal, and this is basically the bowels of human interchanges. But I think it blurs the lines on what is acceptable to say to each other, … More Our Talk is Cheap