My Child Finally Slept Through the Night

Sleep deprivation is real torture. It is one of the biggest topics/most frequently asked and googled thing – how to get more sleep with a baby.

It’s not common for babies to sleep through the night. Sleep training is bad and terrible on brain development. After extensive research, I have never found it to be something I would ever do. So I have lost a lot of sleep. I bed share and breastfeed and that gets me more sleep than I would otherwise get, but on average, at 20 months old, we wake around twice a night.

Sleeping through the night is a milestone that babies/toddlers reach at different times, like walking. They aren’t going to do it on their own until they’re ready. You can try to force it, but it won’t work out. So I have pretty much given up thinking it’s going to happen anytime soon. I have fully expected to go far into toddler-hood without sleeping through.

Last night, in what I thought was the middle of the night, my girl woke up and was ready to nurse. 30 seconds later, she was passed back out at the boob. I got up to go the bathroom and my husband got a text message. “Who the hell is that?” I asked. One of his friends. “What the hell time is it?” Thinking it was like 3:30 or so.

6:30!!! What the what?! She didn’t even wake up then! She slept until 7:15 – my hubs went down and brewed coffee and did his morning routine all by himself – she just snoozed away!

I certainly don’t think I would get lucky enough for this to happen twice in a row. That would be awesome, but I won’t be upset if it doesn’t. But you know what it means? My baby is growing up. She is starting to really grow into her big kid behavior lately, and that is one of them. Of course waking through the night is normal, but now she’s at the age where she can pull some all nighters here and there. It’s bitter sweet. I miss my squishy days with her, but yo – I am LOVING the sleep!


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