All of the things you can fit in an hour.

My daughter naps in her Ergo baby carrier. I didn’t plan this, it just worked out that way. It works rather well. She sleeps for sometimes hours, whereas if she slept in a separate bed, I would get about a half hour from her. Mama don’t have time for that nonsense. Mama’s got work to do. And now a blog to make. (And seriously, it’s time consuming!) Not only that, but dinner to make. And laundry to do. And dishes to put away so I can dirty more. So I find myself, trying to update a blog post while I have eight minutes left of her nap. Eight minutes, because if she sleeps too late, she won’t go to bed on time, and mama ain’t got time for that, either. So here I find myself, perusing through the WordPress settings to discover, yes, I do want it to look like this, but no, not on this page. And how do I make it so this appears here… oh, yes, there we go. That works, oh, but nope… Got to change that also. Aha. Now that’s the ticket. Shit! I have seven minutes! Go post something.

While my daughter is slumbering- I can feel her stirring slightly- I have her chicken stewing for dinner, after a fit I threw earlier about not having time to make anything for dinner. I don’t have time because I decided to take a shower, instead. I know, the selfish nerve. So I showered and gave up time to stew the beef. So it’s chicken instead. While she wraps up her nap, the chicken is stewing, my blog is being updated, and a new post being typed up, I’m also checking Facebook notifications. I admin for our local La Leche League group, so I need to be on top of it when moms make new posts or are in need of some information. I also work for a website and am double checking that my scheduled articles are all posting.

So, I’m rocking my sleeping daughter, cooking her dinner, updating the website, making a new blog post, checking our LLL page, checking my published posts. Please don’t ask us what we do all day. Can you do all that at once?

Never mind what you can and can’t do. It’s not a competition. It’s just my day to day. And you know, it’s not a half bad post for just a few minutes of typing. Two minutes left. Let’s go get the boppy and wake up this little child of mine. She needs to scream at the cats before bedtime, after all.

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