A gun in the school.

My babe is 18 months old, and so we have some time before we think about schooling. That said, every day leads me closer to the conclusion that home schooling is what will be best for us. It’s not a decision made lightly. I enjoyed elementary school very much and had wonderful teachers. I had great experiences. Middle school was shot to hell and high school, I barely hung on, but made it, despite the odds against me.

I can try to avoid the things that caused me to have a hard time, but that only eliminates things under my control. There are many, many variables which are not under my control, or even influence.

Such is the case where a third grader brought a gun to school, at one of our local elementary schools. No one was hurt, thank goodness. However, administrators did not feel the need to inform any parents of said incident until 5:30 in the evening! Unacceptable. Oh, I get their reasons. I do NOT agree with them.

I am a pistol instructor. I understand the devastation that a bullet can cause. The thought of children having guns in an unsupervised manner, i.e., in this child’s backpack where the parents were completely oblivious to the contents of said backpack, is terrifying! Where were the parents? How did the child get this gun? And how does a gun free zone go about making sure that the zones are in fact, gun free? Are they expecting eight year olds to abide by an honor system? One that the parents don’t seem to care much enough about to lock up their guns?

Never mind the political issues over public schools. Things like Common Core, bullying, punishments… Never mind all that. The fact is, they cannot guarantee your safety or that of your child, any more than the local movie theater, shopping mall, or other public place. People are expected to be bound by their willingness to follow the laws, and people simply do not follow them.

I simply cannot put my child at that kind of risk. I simply do not trust that they can keep her safer than I can. So the decision is pretty simple.


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