Sometimes you gotta bake. 

It was my friend’s birthday the other day, but she didn’t tell me. We haven’t been friends very long yet, but we became pretty close pretty quickly by virtue of being neighbors and we see each other every day. My daughter is a few months older than her son. So I haven’t known her long enough to have commited a Bad Friend Deed by forgetting her birthday. That said, we are good enough friends that I wanted to do something to recognize it.

We are totally broke and saving our money for Christmas and it would be awkward to buy something. But I love to bake and cook. So I borrowed this giant cupcake pan from another neighbor and viola! Giant cupcake birthday cake.

On another note, I used to decorate cakes in high school. I remember the frosting being something easy to work with- not runny. This stuff was a little runny/not stiff enough to hold shape well. Anyway, it’s been a while and I am not a pro. But I had fun and she’ll appreciate that.

The cake recipe was modified for this pan and for that, you want to visit Wilton’s website. They have a video telling you how. Following the directions proved awesome. Just freaking yummy.

Hope she likes it!

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