Sick Days? What Sick Days? 

As the title implies, I am under the weather. It started three days ago when I began feeling ill and spending too much time in the bathroom. Now we are all human, so come on. Anyway, then two nights ago, I couldn’t fall asleep for anything, had cold sweats, cramps, and then was just violently sick all of a sudden. Woke up the kid. Sucked. I don’t know if it’s food poison or a virus. 

Daughter slept until 7, bless her heart, but I didn’t actually fall asleep until just over three hours beforehand. My dear hubs went to work late and came home early to help out, but that was still a very miserable hand full of hours. I admit to allowing her to watch way too much TV that morning. So what. For what ever reason, our HBO app wasn’t working, which is how she watches her Sesame Street. Lucky me. She doesn’t watch anything else- she just got into Pee Wee’s Playhouse on Netflix. (You can only handle so much of that. It’s like an acid trip. But it starts to not be a good one very soon.) So for hours, we watch YouTube on the PlayStation. Elmo’s world. Whatever. 

I know I fed her. A few times. But for the life of me I don’t know what. But I’m sure it happened. 

The funny thing about being really sick and being home with small kids, they know something is up with you. And the more you want them to leave you alone and stop climbing on you, the more they do it. This monkey of mine wouldn’t sit still and was even bouncing on me at one point. It’s hard to be mad when she grabs at your face and stares in your eyes. They just want you to be happy. But you’re trying not to throw up. 

The only good part was the nap we took. I never get to nap because I work from home, and do all that while she sleeps. Typically the sleep I get at night is all I get. But I sure emailed my bosses and bailed on the day. No way can I use my brain being so sick. So it was pretty glorious- one of those naps where you sleep so hard for an hour and a half but if feels like 20 minutes. 

But then she’s 19 months in a few days. Full of energy. Doesn’t slow down because I’m sick. She needs to eat. Have some stimulation. Be cuddled and nursed. I have to clean her messes throughout the day. She has tantrums and needs attention. And then at the end, I still gotta get her to bed. She nurses to sleep, so it’s not something my hubs can do right now. 

It doesn’t end when you’re sick. You don’t get to call out when you’re the mom. And you know, that’s like the rule of the universe, I guess. 

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