If I have to post one more time about being sick…

I mean, seriously, I’m over this. I thought For Sure, Christmas morning, my babe was doing better. Her runny nose had subsided, but she still seemed a bit off to me. I just watched. No fever. At the highest, her fever was around 99.7 for a few hours, and went away. That was a few days before when she initially got sick. Well, Monday, I noticed that she was becoming increasingly congested and Tuesday, she had the cough. Damn it. We went straight in to the doctor and into a waiting room full of sick kids. Ugh! They separate the well kids from the sick kids, and you know, my daughter wanted to run to the well area and have me chase her.

She was the only barefoot kid… I mean, I didn’t think anything of it. I grew up wearing shoes only when I had to. It wasn’t cold out, and we were just going there and back home. Not like on the concrete where shoes are needed. I digress…

When you go in on sick baby visits, you get whichever doctor is in the rotation. We saw my favorite, who doesn’t remember me, but I remember her when my girl was a newborn. She was so accommodating and supportive of breastfeeding, and talked of nursing her babies everywhere she went. She’s the only one in the practice who seemed more knowledgeable than the rest of the doctors – one of whom I refuse to see because he gave such terrible advice once.

Whammo, wouldn’t you know it. Ear infection. Of course. Which means antibiotics, diaper blowouts, low appetite, ultra clingy, with a cough and congestion to boot. Poor kiddo. And the sleeping. Whoa. Last night was a gem. She woke up – partly was my fault as she was tossing and turning and kicking me. She started coughing and coughing and crying, and eventually throwing up. It’s so hard to see your babies go through this crap. Her father, with ninja stealth, got a towel just in time to catch it. All you can think of is how glad you are that they are coughing, instead of it staying in their little lungs. But all the same, it sucks, and it’s plain hard.

And thank the gods for breastfeeding. Whether by intelligent design or evolution or whatever, human lactation is without a doubt, one of the most fascinating things ever. I’m quite confident that God intended the very finest for human babies, as well as did science. My milk is making the necessary antibodies for her to get better. Specific to whatever this bug she has is. My milk sends all kinds of wonderful pre and probiotics to her intestines which help strengthen her immune system, given the depletion from the antibiotics. My milk contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and pain from the infection in her ears.

But also, breastfeeding provides her with the snuggles and the closeness and the downtime she needs. An attachment to mom while she doesn’t feel well. A safety zone. So we sit and watch far too much TV, and just cuddle and wait out the days.

She should be feeling better by tomorrow. I certainly hope so. This sick crap is for the birds.



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