Running After Toddlers

I can’t believe it’s been so long since a post. We’ve been exhausted with Wurlitzer and teething. There were a few nights where my girl just literally never fully fell asleep until after 3am. 

One night involved my pacing the dark hallway with toddler in Ergo, begging her to go to sleep. Crying fat tears of exhaustion, heavily sobbing because I was so desperate for sleep. 

Just last night, I bonked my forehead in the dark on the corner of the crib/converted side car sleeper. Hard. I should have a bruise. 

It doesn’t seem that how little amount or quality of sleep she gets, my girl is right there each day, running around and around at 150 toddler miles an hour. Jumping  onto the couch, chasing the cats, playing hide and seek, playing outside. This girl just goes. 

Today was hard for her. She tripped and fell and scraped her knee causing it to bleed. Later she fell again and skinned her elbow. She did it to the other one last week. Running through flowers, she ran right over a honey bee- I do not want to find out if she’s allergic or not! 

You can’t hover over them all the time. But my poor kiddo got beat up today.  I feel like on one hand you need to let them let loose but on the other hand, she’s going to fall and bust her face open. 

I must look ridiculous chasing her. I’m not around other moms with kids this age so I don’t know what they’re like, chasing their babes. 

But I do know this, I’m freaking tired.

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